English as Second Language for Filipinos by Katig.Com
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Letrang U
Uban - Uwang

uban - white hair; gray hair
ubanin - has lots of white hair; getting old
ubas - grape
ubo - cough; to cough
ubod - core
ubos - consumed; depleted
ubusin - to consume all; to deplete
ubuhin - prone or susceptible to cough
udlot - taken aback
udyok - urge; encourage; desire
udyukan - to urge; to encourage

English as second language for Filipinos by Katig.Com

uga - v. shake
ugain - v. to shake
ugali - n. habit; practice; manner
ugaliin - to make a habit of; to make a practice of
ugat - n. root
ugat - n. vein
ugit - rudder
ugma - fit; match
ugmain - to fit; to match
ugnay - connect; join
ugnayan - connection; joint
ugnayin - to connect; to join
ugod - hobble
slang - stupid
ugong - sound; noise
ugoy - v. swing
ugoyin - v. to swing
uha - cry of an infant
uhales - buttonhole
uhaw - n. thirst
uhaw - adj. thirsty
uhawin - to be thirsty
uhetes - eyelets
uhog - mucus
uhugin - with runny nose; having or producing mucus
uka - rupture; a break or hole
uka-uka - has plenty of ruptures or holes
ukit - curve; curving
ukitin - to curve
ukol - for; intended
ulam - viand; dish
ulamin - to eat as a viand or dish
ulan - rain
ulanin - to get wet from the rain
ulap - cloud
ulat - report
uli - again
ulila - orphan
ulilahin - to be orphaned
uling - charcoal; coal
ulinig - hear; listen
ulinigin - to hear; to listen
uliran (huwaran) - ideal; role model
ulirat - consciousness; awareness
ulit - repeat; again
ulitin - to repeat; to do again
uli-uli - next time; repeatedly
ulo (pinuno) - head
slang - foolish
ulukan - to incite
ulupong - poisonous snake

English as second language for Filipinos by Katig.Com

umaakyat - climbing; is climbing
umaalma - reacting; fighting back
umaambon - drizzling; is drizzling; is raining lightly
umaangal - complaining; disagreeing
umaangat - rising; elevating
umaapela - appealing
umaasa - hoping; is hoping
umaatras -retreating; reversing; pulling back
umaga - morning
umakyat - climbed
umalingasaw - giving out strong or offensive odor
umalingawngaw - to make a loud sound
umalis - departed; left
umalma - reacted; fought back
umalsa - raised; revolted
umangal - complained; disagreed
umangat - rose; risen; elevated
umapela - appealed
umapoy - caught fire
umarangkada - accelerated; drove fast
umasa - hoped; hoped for
umasim - turned sour; become sour
umaso - smoked
umatras - retreated; reversed; pulled back
umigib - to fetch (or fetched) water from a faucet or well
umiigib - fetching water from a faucet or well
umiilag - avoiding being hit
umiindak - dancing
umiinom - drinking
umiiyak - crying
umilag - to avoid being hit
umindak - v. (present) to dance; to make a dancing motion
umindak - v. (past) danced; made a dancing motion
uminom - v. (present) drink; to drink
uminom - v. (past) drank; drunk
umiyak - cried
umubo - coughed
umungol - moaned
umusad - moved forward
umuubo - coughing
umuuga - v. shaking; is shaking
umuulan - v. raining; is raining
umuungol - moaning
umuusad - v. moving forward; progressing
umuusok - v. smoking; producing smoke

Katig.Com's English as second language for Filipinos

una - first
unahan - front
unahan - race
unan - pillow
unano - n. dwarf; midget
unano - adj. like a dwarf or midget
unawa - understand
unawain - to understand
Undas - All Souls' Day
unga - the moan of a carabao (water buffalo), cow (cattle), or similar animals
ungal - the howl or roar of an animal
slang - stupid; crazy
unggoy - monkey
slang - ugly
ungol - moan
unlad - progress; development
uno - one; first
unos - storm; heavy downpour
uod - worm
upa - rent; rental payment
upahan - to rent
upak - hit; blow; assault
upakan - n. fistfight
upakan - v. to hit; to blow; to assault
upang - to; so that; for
upo - gourd
upos - cigarette butt
upuan, n - chair
upuan, v - to sit down on

English as second language for Filipinos

usa - n. deer
usad - movement; progress
usap - v. talk; chat
usapan - n. discussion; agreement
usapin (kaso) - case
usap-usapan - n. talk; chatter; discussion
usisa - probe; inquire
usisain - to probe; to inquire
uso - in style
usok - n. smoke
usukan - v. to direct smoke
utak - brain
utak - mastermind
utakan - to outwit someone
utal - n. stutterer
utal - v. stutter
utang -debt; loan
utangan - to borrow money; to ask for a loan
utas - killed; dead; finished
utasin - to kill; to finish
slang - sibling
utot - n. fart
utusan - n. helper
utusan - v. to command someone to do something
slang - yes (usually used in net chatting)
uugain - will shake
uwak - crow
uwang - bettle
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