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Nothing is more
repugnant than the
smell of injustice.

Ignorance breeds
poverty and poverty
breeds ignorance.

It is time we Filipinos
join hands to break
this vicious cycle.
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Katumbas, Kahulugan, Halimbawa ng Paggamit
Letrang T
Taad - Tayo

taad (pananim na tubo) - n. sugar cane seedling
taad (pagtataad) - v. to plant a sugar cane
Taal - n. name of volcano in Batangas
taal - native
taan - reservation
taas - height
taasan - to raise
taba - fat
tabak (itak) - bolo; machete
tabako - tobacco
taban - hold
tabanan - to hold
tabang - n. ilog
tabang - n. blandness; tastelessness
tabangan - to make less salty
tabas - cut; style
tabi - n. side
tabi - prep. beside
tabi - v. to step aside
tabig - push aside
tabigin - to push aside
tabihan - to move beside of
tabil - talkativeness; loquacity
tabing - screen; cover
tabingan - to put a cover or screen
tabingi - crooked; slanted
tabing-bundok - mountainside
tabing-burol - hillside
tabing-daan - roadside
tabing-dagat - seaside
tabing-ilog - riverside
tabing-sapa - creekside
tabingi - slanted; crooked; offset
tabla - n. board; wood
tabla - adj. equal; undecided; draw (no winner)
tableta - tablet; pill
tabo - bowl; a small opened can
tabon - cover
tadhana - fate
tadtad - hit many times
tadtarin - to hit many times as with a knife or gun
tadtarin - to mince; to chop
tadyak - kick
tadyakan - to kick
tadyang - rib

Filipino-English language translation by katig.Com

taga - chop
taga - from
Tagalog - Tagalog language; from Tagalog region
tag-araw - summer
tagas - leak
tagay - pour
tagayan - to pour
tag-lagas - fall season
tag-lamig - winter
tag-sibol - spring season
tag-tuyot - drought
tag-ulan - rainy days; rainy season
tago - hide
taguan - hiding place; the game of hide and seek
tahan - stop crying
tahanan - home
tahi - sew
tahimik - silent; quiet
tahol - bark

Filipino-English language translation by Katig.Com

taka - surprise
takas - escape
takbo - run
takip - cover
takpan (takipan) - (to) cover
taksi - taxi
taksil - traitor; cheater
tala - ray
talaan - n. list; table
talaang peryodiko - n. periodic table
talahib - n. large weeds with razor-sharp edges
talahiban - n. place with plenty of talahib weeds
talampakan - sole
talangka - n. small crab
slang - person with crab mentality
tali - string or rope; tie
talian - to tie with a string or rope
talino - intelligence; wisdom
talo - defeat; lose
talon - n. falls                                         Talon ng Pagsanjan. Pagsanjan Falls
talon - v. jump
talong - eggplant
talumpati - speech; oratory
talunan - defeated; loser
tamad - lazy
tamimi - speechless
slang - stupid
slang - stupid
tanggap - accepted
tanggapan - office
tanggapin - to accept
tanghali - noon
tanghali (
slang) - late                           Tanghali na tayo. We are running late.
tangis - woe
tangkay - branch
tanglaw - beckon
tanim - plant
tanod - guard
tanong - question
tanso - bronze
tanungin - ask question; (to) question
tapa - a kind of cured meat
tapak - step
tapakan - to step on
tapis - apron
tapon - throw away
tarik - steepness
tasa - cup
tasa - sharp
tasahan - to sharpen
tatak - mark
tatakan - to mark
tatlo - three
tatluhan - fits three; threesome
tatlumpo - thirty
tawag - call
tawagan (tawagin) - to call
tawid - cross
tawiran - crossing lane
tawirin - to cross
tayo - n. we

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