Tagalog (Filipino)-English Dictionary and Word Translation

Nothing is more
repugnant than the
smell of injustice.

Ignorance breeds
poverty and poverty
breeds ignorance.

It is time we Filipinos
join hands to break
this vicious cycle.
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Katumbas, Kahulugan, Halimbawa ng Paggamit
Letrang I
Iabot - Iyo

iabot - to hand over
ialay - to devote; to dedicate
ialis - to remove; to take away
iayos - to fix; to arrange
iba (ibang) - adj. different; another
iba - a specie of fruit tree (Thyllantus acidus)
ibaba - adj. downstairs; basement
ibaba - v. to put down
ibabad - v. to soak
ibabaon - will bury
ibabaw - n. top; on top of
ibabawan - to put on top of
ibagsak - to drop; to topple
ibahin - to change; to differentiate
ibahin - to sneeze
ibasura - to throw away in a garbage; to drop
ibatay - v. to base on
iba-iba (iba't-iba) - various
ibato - to throw away
ibayo (kabilang dako) - n. on other side; opposite of
ibayo - v. to pound
ibig -love; want; like
ibigin (mahalin) - to love; to want; to like
ibitin - v. to hang up
ibon - bird
iboto (ihalal) - v. to vote; to elect
ibukas - to open
ibunsod - v. to launch

Filipino-English dictionary and thesaurus by Katig.Com

idemanda - to sue
ideya - idea
idiin - v. to press
idlip - nap; a short sleep; slumber
idolo - idol
igapos - v. to tie up
igat - eel
igawad - v. to give; to declare; to render
igi - well; right
igib - to fetch water from a faucet or well
igisa - to fry
igkas - jolt; to spring loose
iglap - n. instant; brief moment
ignorante - ignorant; uninformed
ihalal (iboto) - v. to vote; to elect
ihaw - broil
ihi - n. urine
ihi - v. to urinate
ika - slight deformity
ika-anim - sixth
ika-apat - fourth
ika-dalawa - second
ika-isa - first
ika- lima - fifth
ika-pito - seventh
ika-sampo - tenth
ika-siyam - ninth
ika-tatlo - third
ika-walo - eighth
ikaw - you
ikli - shortness; briefness
iklian - v. to cut short
ikmo - betel leaf
ikom - closed
ikot - turn around
iksamin - examine
iladlad - to unfold
ilag - dodge; evasion
ilagan - to dodge; to evade
ilagay - put down; put in place
ilalim - under; underneath; beneath; bottom
ilan (ilang) - how many; few
ilang - uneasiness
ilap - unfriendly; avoidance
ilapit - to come or bring near
ilathala - to publish; to print on paper
ilaw - light
ilawan - to light; to shine light on
ilawan (lampara) - lamp
iling - shaking of head
ilipat - to transfer
ilog - river
ilong - nose
imbak - hoard
imbento - invent
slang - make up a story
ina (nanay) - mother
inakay - to assist in walking
inakay - brood
inalis - removed
inamin - admitted, confessed
indayog - rhythm
ingay - noise
inumin - drink
inutil - useless, handicapped

Filipino-English dictionary and thesaurus by Katig.Com

isa - one
isang - one
isaalang-alang - to consider
isabit - to hang
isailalim - v. to undergo
isailalim - v. to be under the supervision of
isa-isa - one at a time
isadula - to dramatize; to reenact; to turn into a play
isagawa - to undertake or implement
isangguni - to consult; to seek advice
isara - to close
isatabi - to set aside; to postpone
isauli - to return
isaulo - to memorize
isda - fish
isingit - to insert; to cut in line
isinilang - born; gave birth
isinulat - wrote; written
isip - mind; thought
isipin - to think
isla (pulo)  - island
isukat - to fit; to try on
isulat  - to write
itaas - to raise or lift; upstairs
itago - to hide
itapon - to throw away
itinago - hid; hidden
itinapon - threw away
itik - duck; duckling
itim - black
itiman - to blacken; to color black
itinakwil - disowned; denied; abandoned
itinanim - planted
itinuwid - corrected; straightened
itlog - egg
itudla - to aim at
itulak - to push
iwasan - avoid; evade
iyak - cry; sob
iyakan - to cry about
iyakin - crybaby
iyan (iyang) - that
iyo (iyong) - your


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