Tagalog (Filipino)-English Dictionary and Word Translation

Nothing is more
repugnant than the
smell of injustice.

Ignorance breeds
poverty and poverty
breeds ignorance.

It is time we Filipinos
join hands to break
this vicious cycle.
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Letrang A
Aligi - Ayuno

aligi - the yellowish fat of crab or shrimp
aligid - circling or hanging around
alikabok - dust
alila (katulong) - servant; domestic helper
alilain - to treat as a servant
alimango - mud crab
alimasag - blue crab
alin - which; which one
alin-alin - which are
alindog - charm; beauty
aling - a title to a woman equal to Miss or Mrs.
alingasaw - producing offensive odor
alinlangan - doubt; skepticism
alipin - slave
alipinin - to enslave
alipunga - athlete's foot
alipusta - ridicule; insult
alis (yao) - leave; depart
alis - remove
alisin (alisan) - to remove
alitan - quarrel; conflict
alitaptap - firefly
aliw - entertain; console
aliwan - entertainment
aliwin - to entertain; to console
aliwalas - clarity; openness
alkalde - mayor; city mayor; municipal mayor
alkansiya (alkansia) - piggy bank
alkila - rent; hire
alkitran - tar; pitch tar
alma - fighting stance
alma - the rising of the hind legs of a horse
almires - small stone mortar
almirol - laundry starch
almusal (agahan) - breakfast
alo - comfort
alog - shake
alok - offer
alon - wave
alpas - to become loose or untied
alpiler - pin
alsa - rising
alsa-balutan - stowing away; leaving home
altar - altar; shrine
aluin - to comfort
alulod - gutter
alupihan - centipede

Tagalog-English word translation and equivalent by Katig.Com

ama (tatay) - father
amain - father-figure
amo - boss
amo - meek; meekness
anino - shadow
anluwage (karpentero) - carpenter
ano - what
antas - level
antay - wait
antayin - to wait
antabayanan - to be in the look out for
antok - sleepy; sleepiness
antot - baho
antukin - to be sleepy
arangkada - accelerate; acceleration
araro - plow
araruhin - to plow
asa - depend; hope
asahan - to depend on; to hope for
asan - where
asin - salt
asinan - to put salt on
asinta - aim at
asintado - a person who aims accurately
aso - dog
asong-ulol - mad dog
asta - gesture
asukal - sugar
asungot (slang) - nuisance
asul - blue
asunto (kaso) - case
atake - attack, assault
atakihin - to attack; to assault
ataul - casket
ate - elder sister
atin - our; ours; us
ating - let us
atras - to move back; to reverse
atrasan - to move back; to reverse
atrasado - late
ayos (slang) - ok
ayos - arrangement
ayusin - to arrange
ayuno - fasting

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