Tagalog (Filipino)-English Dictionary and Word Translation

Nothing is more
repugnant than the
smell of injustice.

Ignorance breeds
poverty and poverty
breeds ignorance.

It is time we Filipinos
join hands to break
this vicious cycle.
For Tagalog to English:
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For English to Tagalog:
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Tagalog-English Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Vocabulary

KATIG.COM has an on-going project of publishing a Tagalog-to-English
word translation section, or  Tagalog-English dictionary, to help improve
the language competency of many Filipinos, students and non-students
alike. The global interdependency of education, business, tourism, and
industry requires that we develop good English language skills if we were
to compete successfully in the global arena.

From being one of the best English-speaking nation in Asia, our country
has fallen behind in English competency, both in written and in spoken
words, even among higher education students.

Not only is there a dearth of Tagalog-English translation books and
reference materials in our schools and libraries but many of those
available have not been updated to include new  Tagalog words that have
developed wide usage and acceptance due to recent developments in
technology and socio-poliical events.

For instance, one respected linguist who authored a Tagalog-English
dictionary translated the Tagalog word
ligaw to mean make love in
English. The translation may have been acceptable decades ago but its
usage has changed with time. The words
make love are generally  
interpreted now as
have sex or engage in sexual intercourse.

Similarly, the words
naked and nude are synonymous but nude has a
more subdued connotation to it. We say
nude art exhibit and not naked
art exhibit
. Driver and chauffeur are also synonymous words but a truck
has a driver
and a limousine has a chauffeur, not the other way around. A
person who lacks English competency may not easily recognize these
subtle differences in word usage.

Many Filipinos has a propensity to translate Tagalog words into English
literally, thus the term "
Filipino English." Many will translate the statement
tumataba ka" to "you're getting fat." While this translation is correct, it is
grammatically poor. Better to say "
you're gaining weight." Translation
should not be done literally but from the context of the message being

Just a few years back words or abbreviations like Y2K, 9/11, 24/7,
gig, webcam, etc., are virtually unheard of. The same is true with Tagalog
words like
kudeta (coup d etat), praning, karir, shabu, email, webcam, etc.
Some of these words are local derivatives of English words, others are
slang versions.

We are creating dynamic lists of Tagalog-English word translation. The
lists will be updated and refined regularly  in keeping with the times. We  
invite our readers to join us in this effort by sending us your contribution
of Tagalog-English words that are not yet on our lists. Please email your
words contribution for our Tagalog-English dictionary, thesaurus, and
vocabulary to:


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