Who was the suspect?

One Sunday morning the police authorities were called into the mansion
in an exclusive suburban neighborhood. Sir Winslow, a British multi-
millionaire, was shot to death by an unknown assailant. His body was
found, in the master’s bedroom, by John, his American butler, just shortly
before noon. A note was found on the hardwood floor, near the body, with
the word “down” apparently inscribed by the victim with his own blood
before he died.

Inspector Madden quickly arrived at the hillside Tudor house to examine
the crime scene. The shooting occurred not too long ago; the body was
still warm. A note was found on the hardwood floor, near the body, with
the word “down” apparently inscribed by the victim with his own blood
before he died. There was no sign of any forced entry into the master’s

The inspector interrogated the only four people who were in the mansion
at that time, and learned the following facts:

John, the butler, said that he was in the dressing room preparing his
master’s suit and shoes. Sir Winslow regularly attend the Sunday noon
services at the downtown cathedral. When he failed to show up at the
dressing room at his usual time, the butler decided to check on him in his
bedroom, on the second floor, and that was how he discovered the body.
He was found to have blood on his hands which he said he got when he
moved and checked the body.

Kiri, the Japanese cook, was in the kitchen, on the first floor, busy
preparing a four-course gourmet meal. She said that Sir Winslow was
expecting some important guests to join him for lunch at the mansion
shortly after the church service. From the kitchen, she said she heard the
faint sound of what seemed like a gunshot, but she just ignored it.

Drew, a Briton, was busy preparing the limousine he will drive to the
church service. He just came back from a gas station, a couple of miles
away, to have a fill up when he first heard about the shooting.

Umop, a handyman, said he went to check the mail at the front gate, about
100 meters away from the house, found the mailbox jammed, and was
working to fix it, at about the time the crime was committed. He denied
hearing any a gunshot.

Soon after, Inspector Madden had someone arrested for suspicion of
murder. There were things that led him to suspect someone.

1. Who was Inspector Madden's suspect?
2. What were the things that led him to his suspicion?

The answers are at the end of this page.


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Inspector Madden had Umop arrested for suspicion of murder. The
inspector suspected Umop because he was lying. First, it was a Sunday
and there was no mail delivery that day. Second, Umop was a handyman
and it was not his job to be checking on the mail delivery.

But catching Umop lying only proved that he was lying; it did not prove a
criminal act. But thanks to the inspector’s sharp investigative skill, he
found an incriminating evidence. What was it?

Review the scenario and try to find the answer.  
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