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OK, so you lost your cell phone or maybe you're just unhappy with your carrier and
want to use another with better service. But you're worried your relatives and
friends won't know where to contact you with their important and urgent messages.

Well, worry no more! Katig.Com, as part of its public service, will publish a cell
phone directory in our web site for its readers and friends. Here is how it works:

We will publish a cell phone directory in our web site with just enough identifying
information so your relatives and friends can look up for your current phone
number. So you can change your phone number as needed without worrying that
they will lose contact with you.

Think of the endless possibilities... your high school buddies looking to invite you
for an upcoming school reunion, a former co-worker with news of a job opening in
the company, a cousin you haven't heard from in a long time getting married
soon...and many more.

To protect your privacy, we will only print your last name, your first name (or  your
nickname) and a partial address identifying your general location. If you have a
commonly-used name and want to be differentiated with those with similar
names or location, you can add some descriptive words that are only meaningful
to your friends and relatives.

Or, if you want you can form a small group among your relatives and friends, give it
a unique group name, and use that name to identify yourself.

To protect your privacy we will not publish your middle name (or middle initial),
home number, gender, and age. And if at any time you want to withdraw your
listing we will remove your entry immediately.
So join now!

Here is an example of how the phone directory listing may look like:

Santos, Cute, 920-123-4567, FEU Accounting Class 2010
Santos Jessie, 921-123-4567, SM East Avenue, Quezon City
Santos, Mary, 918-123-4567, Olongapo, Zambales
Santos, Mary,    922-123-4567,  Rizal Avenue, Tagbilaran, Bohol
Santos N., 919-123-4567, UST Manila
Santos, Sugar, 917-123-4567, Session Road, Baguio City
Santos, Toni,    919-123-4567, Greenhills bowling buddy

Interested? Fill out the form below. We are currently starting the list and
will start publishing it in a special section within a month. Tell your friends to join
so everyone can always get in touch with you.
Last and First name:
Your phone number:
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