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An anecdote:

The chocolate chip cookies

A chance encounter with a stranger at the airport gave me a
valuable lesson on how easy we can be so wrong in our perception
of other people.

One day, while waiting for my flight to board at the airport, I went to a nearby
store and bought a magazine and a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

Seated back at the waiting area, and engrossed at reading a magazine article, I
couldn't resist the aroma of the freshly baked cookies. Without batting an eye, I
tore open the bag of chocolate chip cookies that was conveniently placed at the
vacant seat beside me. I pulled out a piece and started to nimble it. Not long
after, I caught a glimpse of the guy seated in the adjacent seat helping himself
with a piece of the cookies. I pretended not to see him but at the back in my
mind I was thinking how rude this guy was helping himself to my cookies.

After a few more minutes, I grabbed another piece. And to my surprise, so did
Several thoughts entered my mind: Was this guy some kind of an odd
character? But he was well-dresses and looked decent.  Was he trying to get
my attention and perhaps this was his uncharacteristic way of making me start
a conversation with him? Or, could he be one pervert person?

For a moment, I struggled to ignore him and I tried to get my concentration back
on the magazine article I was reading. And just as I was about to get him off my
mind, I heard his voice cracked softly:

"Excuse me, would you like to have the last cookie?" he said.

That was it!  I was thinking how rude this guy could be. I was feeling infuriated. I
was ready to give him a piece of my mind when I heard the announcement on
the speaker than my flight is starting to board. I grabbed my handbag ,and
whatever is left of the cookie bag, and head off to the line forming at the front of
the gate.

At the gate, I opened my handbag to take out my boarding pass. In an instant, I
was taken aback with what I saw. Inside my handbag was the bag of chocolate
chip cookies I bought from the store, still intact and sealed. Suddenly  I felt so
embarrassed that I could imagine my face turning red in realizing that I was me
helping myself with the guy's bag of cookies.
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