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An anecdote:

The birds and the bees

The day my young daughter asked, "Mommy, where did I come
?" I thought it was time to explain about the birds and the bees.

When my husband, David, was transferred for his new work assignment as
regional manager in another province, the third time in two years, we decided
that I should be a stay at home Mom to look after our ten-year old daughter,

David was previously assigned to head their company's regional offices in
Dagupan, then Lucena, and this time in Dumaguete. Having grown up in Metro
Manila we both speak Tagalog and a little Ilocano which we learned during our
short stint in Dagupan. His new assignment in Dumaguete was somewhat of a
dilemma because, aside from not knowing the local dialect, we do not have any
relatives or friends living nearby.

As parents, we have been concerned about the growing sex and violence in
television shows. Our desire to isolate Cherry from what we perceived to be
mass media's harmful influence on young children played a role in our
decision for me to become a stay home Mom.

For awhile we thought that we were doing a good job at nurturing the young
mind of our daughter until one day, coming home from school, Cherry asked
me nonchalantly: "
Mommy, where did I come from?"

For a moment, I stood frozen. I know that sooner, or later, I would have to teach
my young daughter about
the birds and the bees but I was hoping it would
come later, not sooner.

After I regained my composure, I simply told her:
"I met your father when we
were both students at University of the Philippines in Quezon City. After he
pursued me for a few months, I finally relented and accepted his invitation for a
dinner date. After that I agreed to watch a movie with him. He was such a
gentleman. I quickly fell in love with him that on our second movie date I did not
resist when he gave me my first kiss. Soon after that we were dating regularly.
One thing would lead to another more intimate and she became the lovely fruit
of our intimacy

Did that answer your question?" I asked Cherry with some sigh of relief.

Not really," she replied, looking amazed. "My new  friend Jessica said she
came from Tagbilaran, and she asked where I came from
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